Sora Having Sex With Kairi

What did i just find? She crawled as quietly as she could out of the bush, and Women Orgasm Audio sneaking onto the beach, hoping that she would make it before the Nobody noticed her, since she was now in completely open area without any chance of ducking into a hiding spot. Kairi felt a sudden jolt of panic. But seriously i know right. Riku sighed like a man who had just found an oasis in a desert, and, at the same time that Sora's hands found his belt and began to eagerly unbuckle it, Riku's hands made their way into Sora's drawstring pants and to the brunet's erection, running his fingers wickedly on the underside. Picking up two coconuts with a grim determination, and stuffing another into the crook of her arm, the redhead inched closer to the creature on the beach, praying that the creature wouldn't notice her and that she would, at least, be able to hit it hard enough to stun it, grab its poor victim and make a run for it. The brunet grabbed his jacket and put it on, not needing to put on his trademark crown necklace since he had — and Kairi only observed this now — never in fact actually taken it off.

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Sora Having Sex With Kairi
Sora Having Sex With Kairi

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